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[HA] SMS: NovinPayamak

Xen-Pro [HA] SMS: NovinPayamak 1.1.0

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This version is a very big update! please remove the previous version and install this one!

Massive Changes:

  • Completely Rewritten
  • There is no need to a separate core anymore
  • Add-on's name changed to [HA] SMS: NovinPayamak
Added Features:

  • Export Numbers
    • Based On User Group
    • Ability to select primary or secondary user group
    • Ability to set to contain username and user id next to numbers
  • Options
    • Options to set the custom user field for number
    • Options to set novin payamak's username and password
    • Options to list the admins (those who will receive sms in some situations that you set)
    • Sms When Money Transferred (bd banking by @xfrocks )
    • Sms When Money Purchased (bd banking by @xfrocks )
    • Sms When User buy upgrade
    • Sms When Receiving Conversation
    • Sms When Resetting Password
    • Sms When Registration
    • Sms When Resource Purchased (commercial resource by bd paygate by @xfrocks - sms to buyer, admins, owner)
    • Sms When upgrade expired
    • Sms When is going to be expired
    • Sms When logged in admin cp
    • Sms for two step authentication
    • Sms for Donations (Donation add-on by @DragonByte Tech )
    • Sms to users who had upgrade but don't have any more
    • Sms when credits are lower than x (credits add-on by @DragonByte Tech )
  • Send SMS Panel
    • Full support of user criteria
    • Some placeholders to replace user's name, id, custom fields and even phrases.
Note: all the options have fields to let you set your own text and also support appropriate placeholders that you can use to make the sms text more clear. Also, some options like "Low Credit Amount" and "SMS for Upgrade Expiration" and ... let you set the appropriate variable like credit name, credit amount, days remaining and ...