Xen-Pro [HA] WF Widgets 1.0.1

Have more widgets for widget framework in Xenforo

  1. Dadparvar
    Why I set 1.5 as compatible XF version?
    Because some add-ons or the newest version of them (that I added widgets for them) are just supported in 1.5. Just this.
    Otherwise, I tested rest of the things on 1.4 and they worked as they must!

    Purchase it!

    With this add-on, you can have more widgets in widget framework on your xenforo. Some of them are new, some of them are existing widgets with some changes ( = modifications) and some of them are new appearance of existing widgets (and some new widgets may come, although I can't promise!)


      • [HA] WF Widgets: Stats
        • It also has options in add-on's options page. (don't forget to set them before you use it)
      • [HA] WF Widgets: CTA FT Simple
        • (Why Simple?! Of course its not soo simple! I named it Simple Because I may also add Grid View and List View if I get free time)
      • [HA] WF Widgets: Resources - List View
        • New Resources
        • Recently Updated
        • Top Resources
        • Popular Resources
      • [HA] WF Widgets: Resources - Simple
        • New Resources
        • Recently Updated
        • Top Resources
        • Popular Resources
      • HA] WF Widgets: XFMG - Recent Comments
      • [HA] WF Widgets: Threads
        • New Threads
        • Recent Threads
        • Recent Threads (Use First Poster's Avatar)
        • Latest Replies
        • Most Viewed Threads
        • Most Replied Threads
        • Most Liked Threads
        • Polls
        • And about layouts ...
          • Default
          • Sidebar (avatar, title, one extra line)
          • Sidebar with snippet from post
          • List (Similar to forum_view)
          • Full

    Note: I'm not a professional developer and its not my job. I did it because I saw some widgets or new appearance of existing widgets are missed and they can be useful. So:

      • I don't promise to update it regularly
      • But because we use it on our own site too, so all reported bugs will be fixed asap.
      • And also good suggestions will be implemented when finding free time to do (but try to do them asap).
      • Because of this, I set its license as Lifetime. (and you can support it by donations that are always welcome)
    Hope to be useful and you enjoy this small add-on. If you like this add-on, don't forget to support it by rating and reviewing.

    Hamed Azimi (Dadparvar)


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    Version: 1.0.1
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      Glad to see you like it :)