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  1. maszd

    Supported hide username and date

    Hi @Dadparvar how to show only thread title on slider? thank you.
  2. maszd

    Won't Be Added all slide at top forum list

    Hi @Dadparvar please add a option to show only all slide at top forum list rather than each categories. thank you.
  3. maszd

    Fixed page not found

    Hi @Dadparvar when i click image its should be redirect to thread but this error appear: is there any config iam miss? thanks
  4. maszd

    Implemented add permission

    Hi @Dadparvar regarding this thread https://xen-pro.com/threads/some-question.101/#post-2134 hope you add a permission to show only for registered member. thank you.
  5. maszd

    Suggestion some question

    Hi @Dadparvar with categories slider add-on, can this addon layout like this one: https://www.physicsforums.com/ thank you. regards, maszd