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  1. Dadparvar

    Xen-Pro [HA] Featured Resources Layouts 1.1.0

    Hi, Featured Resources on top of the main page of resources (XFRM) need some improvements. It can be better if it becomes a slider too, in cases where there are more than 3 featured resources. With this add-on you can have the featured resources in a different way. General Features: Options...
  2. Dadparvar

    Xen-Pro [HA] Featured Members (+ Verified Badge) 1.5.0

    Hi, Have you ever seen on facebook or twitter or Instagram some accounts have verified badge? This add-on lets you have the same functionality in your Xenforo + a few more features. Features: Ability to set if you want the badges to be FA icons or images Ability to set any user as Featured...
  3. Dadparvar

    Xen-Pro [HA] CTA FT Layouts 1.2.6

    Hi, With this add-on, you can Change the layout of CTA FT portal and archive and forum list page as easy as possible. Just choose the layout you want, and then set its style properties. That's it! You can see different parts of add-on in screenshots, but here is a list of things: Widget...