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Announcement Free 3-Months license for all license holders (LIMITED TIME - REDEEM NOW)

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In the past 3 months, I was super busy. The main reasons are:
  • I moved to Canada (moving the whole life to a new country is not that easy)
  • I accepted some big projects before moving (which took so much time)
  • Coronavirus affected almost all the business
As a result, I was not updating my add-ons here, and I was very slow getting back to you when you needed help.

During this time, some of you purchased new licenses, some others renewed your expired licenses (I appreciate your support even though I was absent), and some of you no longer have access to the new versions as your licenses are expired.

But here is the good news:
  • I'm back now and I started updating the add-ons
  • Everyone with an active or even expired license will get 3-months of a free extension of any of your licenses (rules apply. read them below)
  • Bump the thread you needed support, or start a new thread in the appropriate forum, and I'll be right with you to get things done.

Rules to get the free 3-months license:
  • You have to have the license you ask the extension for (so you can't ask for a free license of an add-on that you didn't have it)
  • You have to actively use it (so, if you stopped using that add-on in the past 3 months, you really didn't need it, even if none of the 3 reasons above wouldn't happen)
  • The license should have been expired in the past 3 months
  • PM me and ask for the extension (and this offer is valid for 2 weeks from the time of this message, to avoid any abuse)
Stay safe, stay at home, and have a beautiful day :)
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