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    Today we are pleased to announce that Gallery section of Xen-Pro is added. Members also can add media to Gallery (but with respect to Xen-Pro's subjects and its terms and conditions)

    • Graphics
      • In this category, images and videos which have Promotional teaser or Graphical aspects and are related to xen-pro will be added. Either created and designed by xen-pro itself, or by gifted by others to xen-pro.
    • Products & Services Demo
      • In this category, images or videos that have demo aspect of xen-pro's products and services will be added.
    • How-To & Tutorials
      • In this category, any image or video that has tutorial aspect will be added.
    Note: Only moderators and administrators can add media to categories. But members can also add media to gallery. In order for members to add media to xen-pro's gallery, they need to create their own albums and add media to them. (all media added by members should follow and respect xen-pro's subject and its gallery's terms and conditions)

    Terms and Conditions
    • Keep things neat! (please don't create lots of albums that never get media, or lots of media that don't have any usage according to subject of the site)
    • Add related media (xen-pro's subject is clear. Coding and Programming. Graphic is also permitted. So, you can add tutorials about coding and graphic and design. You can't add videos or images that only has advertising goal. Even if you want to advertise your coding or design skill or showcase your work, you need to add an image or video that is tutorial and users can learn from it, and inside it, you can advertise your skills or works.)
    • Respect Copyright (never add a media that you don't have permission from its author or owner)
    • Respect all believes and faiths and values (please don't add any media that is against the believes and faiths and values of some groups, either religious or political. It also apply to contents. Here we are ONLY to teach and learn coding and design, not to invite or force others to accept our believes or thoughts!)

    Hope you enjoy using the gallery section. This thread may be updated from time to time (as needed).
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